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Hotels / March 23, 2021

It's not difficult to see the appeal of France - it's one of the easiest countries to reach from the UK, whether by air, sea or the rail link of the Channel Tunnel, and the two countries have long held a friendly rivalry. Of course, that rivalry was not always so friendly, and all-inclusive holidays to France can allow you to visit significant sites like Agincourt, where the English won a famous victory against a much larger French army in 1415, just one of the historical sites that hold so much interest into the modern day throughout this part of Europe.

Snacks to share and savour

French cuisine is discussed often and in great detail, but one aspect that is often overlooked are the snacks, and all-inclusive holidays in France can allow you to try these at your leisure, at no extra cost. At breakfast there's croissants and pain au chocolat, along with the unusual habit of having a bowl of hot chocolate to dip your pastries into; at lunch, a classic French baguette can make for a delicious sandwich filled with local flavours; and throughout the day delights like light flaky sausage rolls and rich indulgent croque monsieur can satisfy even the hungriest appetite - just remember to leave some room for your main meals when they arrive, as you won't want to miss out on those experiences either.

High in heritage

France has the third-highest total of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe, after Italy and Spain, and cheap holidays in France's more historic regions are an excellent sightseeing option. Even if you are just staying on the coast for a beach holiday, it's worth looking at what's in the surrounding area, and adding a cultural visit to your itinerary for a change of scenery; see if your all-inclusive hotel can prepare you a baguette to take with you as a snack along the way.

What all-inclusive holidays can I choose from?

With its history, landscape and favourable climate, there are plenty of different all-inclusive holidays in France to choose between. The south of France has the sunshine and beach resorts on the Mediterranean; inland there are city breaks and vineyards to visit; and in the French Alps, Pyrenees and Vosges there are some fantastic ski resorts where your après ski costs may be covered too.

Why should I choose an all-inclusive holiday to France?

By choosing an all-inclusive holiday to France you are giving yourself the chance to relax and enjoy your trip to the full. France is a well-established destination and choosing an all-inclusive package is the easiest way to ensure you have a really great holiday. With the budgeting out of the way you know that your accommodation, meals and drinks are all taken care of. This leaves you free to unwind and appreciate the fine weather, varied culture and wonderful food. Whether you are exploring a city, skiing or sticking to the beach your all-inclusive holiday has your everyday needs covered.