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Hotels / March 28, 2017

This nightmare began on July 1, 2017. We had a terrible experience when our flight from Oslo, Norway to Paris was cancelled. Well into the night, Air France gave us NO options to fly out of Oslo or any surrounding airports for 4-6 days. For that reason, we made the difficult decision to get up early and rent a car to drive to Paris as to not miss our once in a lifetime trip. The evening of our flight cancellation, July 1, 2107, we called the Pullman Eiffel Tower to notify them that our flight had been cancelled and we would call with an update as soon as we found out any information. When we found out that our only option to not forego our entire Paris vacation was to make the 19-hour drive to Paris, I called the Pullman Eiffel Tower, on July 2, 2017, to report the plans and spoke to Vincent. First of all, Vincent told me that we were a no show the night before. I told him that was NOT the case, that we had indeed called and have phone records to prove it. We were assured at that time, that if we could prove the flight cancellation, that we would be reimbursed our missed non-refundable room costs due to the extreme situation. Our flight cancellation was not a normal situation whereby our flight was cancelled and we could hop on the next flight out - we had NO OPTIONS and would miss our lifelong dream to be in Paris. That is why we were so desperate as to rent a car to drive to Paris. When we arrived at the Pullman on July 3, 2017, we spoke with Zeynadillio and she asked me to email the flight cancellation info to her, which I did. So that she could take care of it. She was a wonderful and reassuring representation of your company but to no avail NOTE: To add insult to injury, we had paid for the deluxe balcony room with the Eiffel Tower view. Our room was a HANDICAPPED room on the first floor!! This was not at the vision that we had dreamed. But that was the least of our troubles. When we didn’t hear anything by the next day, July 4, 2017, we went to the desk to inquire. We spoke to the Lead on duty, Antoine, who would go back and forth to the back office relaying messages and questions to the “manager”. He was very attentive and cordial, but obviously had no authority in the situation. – (We asked an employee what the manager’s name was, we got her name, Younan, and I wrote it down. This is important and I will come into the story a little later.) After several “back and forths”, we asked to speak to the manager. We were told she was in a meeting and to come back the next day and she would discuss options. The next day, July 5, 2017, we went back down to the front desk. The Lead on duty, Thomas Jean, initially assisted us. He then ended up going to get Younan Taho to further assist us. She came out, very stoic. She retorted the “non-refundable” policy. She then said, “For your trouble, we will send you a bottle of champagne”. When I told her that we didn’t prefer champagne, she said “how about breakfast” – Needless to say, we were extremely disappointed in her...

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