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Hotels / May 31, 2022

Le Mont-Saint-Michel HotelsAs if torn from the pages of a fantasy novel, the circular island commune of Le Mont-Saint-Michel sits crowned with a grand hilltop monastery, its slim spires towering above the unpredictable water below. France’s most famous attraction outside of Paris, the fortified town’s rich history stretches back well over a millennia. Today it’s connected to the country’s northwest coast by causeway, and lures in hordes of visitors each year with its winding streets and staircases, quaint medieval buildings, and centuries-old monuments.Things to seeUnsurprisingly, the town’s star attraction is its awe-inspiring monastery – Abbave du Mont-Saint-Michel – which perches precariously over the scattered town below. The bulk of the Benedictine structure was initially constructed during the 11th century, with multiple additions and facelifts over the following few hundred years, when it continued to flourish as a major religious hub. Today the Romanesque complex features many grand chambers, a pillared cloister, and breath-taking views over the bay. Close by to its entrance, the Musee Historique provides a detailed glimpse into some of Le Mont-Saint-Michel’s 1300 year past. Along with a trove of artefacts, ranging from paintings to curious looking torture equipment, the museum also features a 19th century periscope, which offers a magnified peep at the bay. Having stood the test of time (and attacks), Mont-Saint-Michel’s many fortifications are a must-see in their own right too. Providing a walk through the past, the hardy stone walls also offer flawless vantage points.Hotels in Le Mont-Saint-MichelThe hotels in Le Mont-Saint-Michel all reside within the town’s preserved historic buildings, so it’ll be of no surprise that character comes as standard. Expect a mix of stone walls, wooden beams, and contemporary boutique-style decor, where rooms feature 21st century creature comforts, such as WiFi and satellite TV. Whilst most hotels in Le Mont-Saint-Michel aren’t large enough to cram in lots of amenities, many still feature cosy on-site restaurants and bar lounges. The accommodation here generally errs on the side of pricey, though you’ll find plenty more affordable options just a few minutes away on the mainland – many of which offer a slightly more modern stay.Where to stayCutting a solitary figure on the horizon, the town’s postcard-perfect form alone justifies its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whilst the sprawling monastery hogs much of the limelight, the town below brims with age-old charm, with its quaint stone and half-timbered townhouses lining skinny cobbled streets. Flanked with a gauntlet of tempting restaurants, pretty souvenir shops, and many of Le Mont-Saint-Michel’s hotels, the town’s busting pedestrian main street leads steeply upwards, towards the abbey. Whilst most visitors opt...

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