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Hotels in Cap D Agde france

Hotels / August 30, 2021

Holiday apartments.For a place to stay at in the resort, you have several options for booking accommodation. Most people book their accommodation and flights to Agde separately given that there are few if any companies who offer packages to the resort village. Below a look at the main choices for finding somewhere to stay and links to further information:


The most common and popular form of accommodation at Cap d’Agde is to rent an apartment in the resort. There are a couple of agencies and they rent out the apartments on behalf of the owners and in some cases the owners rent the apartments directly.

Camping and Camp Site

The other main form of accommodation in the village is the Camp Site. Camping at the resort is run by one company and this is Rene Oltra. The camp site has a number of accommodation choices including:

  • Camp site pitches
  • Cabins
  • Bungalows
  • Motor-home style cabins

Hotel Bookings

Traditionally Hotel Eve was main hotel and for the most part it still is. In the last few years though a few more options have become available. The main options are:

Staying in the local Town or Sete

Another option although not the best if you are planning to spend several days on the naturism resort, if to stay in Agde town or nearby fishing village Sete. .

If you are also looking for accommodation to stay in Paris before or after your trip to Cap d’Agde it is also worth pre-booking your apartment or bed and breakfast the same time as your main journey. Make sure that all dates coordinate because accommodation in Agde can often be booked out. Best to base your Paris accommodation around availability in Agde.