8 Places in Europe Where You Can Sleep in a Bubble

Bubble hotel france

Hotels / December 8, 2021

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Do you dream of a romantic evening sleeping under the stars?

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Well, it’s time to stop dreaming – because it can now become a reality.

A French hotel is giving its guests the chance to spend the night in the wild – without tents.

From £100 a night, outdoor lovers can enjoy a stay in a two-person bubble room, made from transparent plastic.

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They opened in 2010 to offer a private retreat for couples wanting a romantic getaway – and it’s quickly become the dream destination for holidaymakers looking for something private.

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You can now spend a romantic night in a transparent bubble gazing up at the starsThe bubbles offer a glamping experience, situated in a grassy location, with low beds and lots of blankets to cuddle up in as you gaze up at the stars.

Champagne is available to order along with a dinner box which must be requested 3 days before arrival. There is also an open-air Jacuzzi, where bathrobes are provided.

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And the hotel has even thought about dog-lovers. If you fancy bringing your pup along for the experience, you can do – though your furry friend will have to sleep in an individual space in the hotel’s main wood house.

The owner of The Attrap’Rjves, Muirelle Giovansili, said: ‘When guests first arrive they are extremely excited and happy to stay – it is the ultimate pleasure for us seeing them.

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‘It’s a real experience for our guests. They can relive their childhood dreams or spend a romantic night together with loved ones. We’ve even had a wedding proposal.

‘The cosy cocoons are an ingenious concept that can be enjoyed all year long even with bad weather. Each bubble has its own identity and the decor varies depending on the ambience guests want – they are truly fantastic.’

Source: metro.co.uk